Excellent Field Trip to Pinnacle

We visited Pinnacle Bank on January 13 and had a wonderful time!  The staff was knowledgeable and friendly and the bank was beautiful!  Some of the highlights of the tour were seeing the vault, the safety deposit boxes, teller row, the learning lab (where they had fun chairs) and seeing the firemen come through after one of our little ones accidentally pulled the alarm (we are so sorry that happened).  This field trip allowed both young and old some excellent learning opportunities. Pinnacle Bank is a bank that cares about it’s middle Tennessee customers.  Pinnacle Bank prides itself with giving southern hospitality and individualized attention to all of it’s customers.  Thank you Pinnacle Bank for the excellent tour and for the sweet gifts at the end. To learn more about Pinnacle check out their website https://www.pnfp.com/.


November Field Trip Fun

IMG_3784 IMG_3792







On November 10 we visited Kwik Kar Lube and Tune shop.


We toured their facility and saw how they fixed cars. We also went behind the scenes and saw “the pit” aka underground where the crew is able to get underneath the car to change the oil and do various other things. We are so appreciative of this friendly place to allow our kids the opportunity to see where and how our cars get fixed. If you weren’t able to attend this field trip please go check Kwik Kar out for yourself. They offer “ladies day” every Tuesday where ladies can go get an oil change and get money off of their oil change. Thank you Kwik Kar for your friendly tour!


IMG_3830 IMG_3832

On November 17, we visited the local Bellevue United States Post Office. We went behind the scenes and saw how and where the mail was sorted, learned about the different city and rural routes. We also learned that our mailmen and mail ladies are very smart and have very good memories as they must remember on their own, out of the 600 mailboxes they deliver too, who is on vacation and for how long the family is on vacation. We had a great time touring their facility and climbing aboard a mail truck. We are so thankful for local USPS and the friendly mail people that deliver our mail in the rain, sun and snow 6 (sometimes 7, if you are an amazon prime customer) days a week. Don’t forget during the upcoming holiday’s to give a Thank You to your mailman or mail lady. IMG_3848IMG_3836



Happy Halloween 2014

We spread some Halloween cheer at

The Meadows on Wednesday, October 29th &

The Lodge at Natchez Trace on Friday, October 31st

002 (13) 002 (11)5464 001 We had a great time this week visiting our wonderful friends at The Meadows and The Lodge (Assisted Living facilities). We spread some Halloween cheer with the residents by singing a few songs, reading a story and eating a few yummy sweet treats. So grateful for these two wonderful places that allow us to visit them. Happy Halloween!




Publix was a Pleasure to Explore


We had an exciting field trip, Friday, September 19, 2014. We got a tour of our local Publix. We saw and tasted some healthy and delicious foods. The smiles on the kid’s faces lets everyone know just how much they enjoyed the yummy sprinkles cookies.   It certainly was a pleasure exploring Publix on this mid September day.



Visiting Armstrong Animal Adventures in Kingston Springs


On Tuesday, September 16, 2014 we explored Armstrong Animal Adventures in Kingston Springs. The kids and moms thoroughly enjoyed seeing and petting many different types of animals. Just to name a few animals we saw… quacking ducks, clucking chickens, bleating kid, nanny and billy goats, hungry alpacas, slitheringDSC01588 snakes, a grumpy hedgehog, a hungry pig (that didn’t like to share his food with the chickens) and a pacing fox. Upon learning that the white thing pacing was a fox, several children started dancing and singing “ding, ding, ding” based on the infamous song “The Fox (what does a fox say?)” by Ylvis. Thanks to that song, it is possible that little 2, 3 and 4 year old children everywhere are going to grow up thinking foxes say, “ding, ding, ding.” We had a fantastic field trip to Armstrong Animal Adventure and are grateful for the experience. To learn more about Armstrong Animal Adventures, check out their website – http://armstronganimaladv.webs.com/ IMG_3031DSC01609DSC01542