Lights, Sirens and Fire trucks…oh what fun!!!


The one house that is always open for a visit is the Fire Station. We visited the Bellevue Fire Station on March 30th. It was a beautiful day to visit this friendly place. We enjoyed touring the ambulance and the fire trucks. The fire fighters even let us go inside to see their kitchen and sleeping quarters. Our firefighters work so hard and are always available when we need them in an emergency. Thank you to our local firefighters for giving us an amazing tour, for being so welcoming of our group and for the hats, coloring books and stickers. We love our men in the red and white trucks and hope they can get a new firehouse soon. After touring their facility, it is evident that they need a new one and most certainly deserve it!


If you are a MOMS Club member and missed this fabulous field trip do not despair, we will visit again soon – just keep your eyes open to the BigTent calendar where we list all of our events. If you’re not a member of MOMS Club but would like to become one, please send us an email and we will gladly get you more information. Also, feel free to stop by the Fire Station anytime. The guys told us their house is always open for visitors and they enjoy especially giving tours to little visitors.

IMG_0461 IMG_0464