Sweet Spring…Sweet Strawberries!




On Friday, May 22nd we had a sweet time picking strawberries at Green Door Gourmet (located here in Bellevue). The children had a fabulous time picking strawberries and the strawberries that we picked were delicious! Green Door Gourmet was so kind to let us come after a few days of rain and needing to reschedule. If you haven’t checked out this local farm you are missing out on some delicious food! They have a store that sells fresh vegetables, meat, eggs and other locally made items. For more information visit http://www.greendoorgourmet.com.


Free Cheekwood Day

On Friday, May 8th we visited Cheekwood Botanical Gardens and Museum of Art. We enjoyed our walk through the park checking out the treehouse, the garden scale train and the pond. We even got to hear some sweet music and giant bull frogs. We saw a hungry, curious turtle by the pond. This was such a fun morning excursion. Thank you Cheekwood for a free day. We enjoyed your beautiful art and fragrant gardens. https://www.cheekwood.org/