Sprinklers and popsicles bring out shiny summer smiles!

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On Wednesday, July 8th we visited our friends at The Meadows. We listened to a summer story, read to us by the chaplain. We also had a blast running through the sprinkler and enjoyed eating delicious, refreshing popsicles.  At the end of our time at The Meadows we received balloons and a small treat. We had a splendid time at the sprinkler popsicle party! We love sharing summer smiles with our dear friends at The Meadows.



Crafty times make happy moms!

On Monday, July 6th we enjoyed getting crafty by making wooden growth charts. The wooden ruler we made will mark the passage of time and the growth of our children without messing up our walls AND it’s foldable too! This was a fun project that will be a memorable keepsake for years to come. If you would like to join the crafty moms subgroup, check it out on bigtent.com. We are always looking for hosts and more ways to get happy crafting!