Fun Filled Day For The Mom’s Club

Let’s start this ‘spooktacular’ month off with a Halloween party for our monthly social!

On October 2, 2015 we had a mission to have a ton of fun and naps may not have happened that day.  Costumes were worn of all ages, awards were given out to not only our members and their children, but also to the potential members and their children, decorations filled the room, balloons were stuffed with candy, and we also had a station for cookie and pumpkin decorating!


Later that evening, we did a fundraiser supporting our local heroes at our local fire hall. They run into the places that we all run out of without even thinking twice about it. Some have been burned in the process of saving lives, but that doesn’t stop them!

The Farmer’s Market of Bellevue graciously allowed us to have a booth. The wonderful members in our chapter baked a baked good or donated a few dollars we also had many local businesses donate to us as well. All of our proceeds are going to be given to our fire hall and to ‘Box 55’.

We ended our night with $547.00, but our community is so amazing that people continued to buy our leftover baked goods that weekend. Thank you, thank you, to all the wonderful people who helped us make our fundraiser a huge hit! Our chapter will be donating $716.00!