Baby it’s cold outside…


Baby it’s cold outside… but that doesn’t stop us from playing inside.  On January 15th and on February 26th, we went to the indoor playground at Cornerstone Church in Madison. The children had a fantastic time playing, running, jumping, sliding and climbing on this huge, enclosed jungle gym.  There was also a cafe downstairs where a few of us bought lunches and few others enjoyed lunches packed from home. If you haven’t checked this free space out, it is definitely worth the 30 minute drive to let your little ones play in this fun, large, exciting space!


Love filled the air…


Love filled the air at our monthly social where the children (moms) brought a decorated valentines box and we got to pass around love filled notes to each other.

The boxes were decorated adorably and the food was delicious.

It was a truly lovely monthly social.

Happy Valentines Day!