March 2017

March’s Social Meeting was a huge success as we came in our PJs and made pancakes topped with strawberries, syrup, powered sugar, bananas, or apples. We think we will have to repeat this activity in the future. The kids enjoyed running around and making new friends while hyped up on syrup. The moms enjoyed a being able to sit down, enjoy pancakes, and socialize with each other. Making new friends over pancakes is always a good thing.


The MOMS Club of Bellevue is excited to sponsor a Family Clothing Swap! This FREE event is a great way to band together as a community and help one another out!

How it works…donate items, get items. Bring as much as you can, leave with as much as you can carry (we just ask that everyone is respectful and courteous of one another).

Don’t have anything to donate? That’s okay, no one will be turned away!

This event is for the whole family! Items to swap include:

Men’s Clothes
Women’s Clothes
Maternity Clothes
Kid’s Clothes
Baby Clothes
Shoes of any size

All donated items must be clean, without holes (other than seams that can be easily fixed), and have no bad stains on them. We kindly ask that you bring your donations pre-sorted so that our volunteers can easily put them out in the event.

There will be a few pre-event donation times where you can come and drop off your donations.

All items leftover at the end of the event will be donated to local Nashville organizations to help those in need!